Hire React.js Developer

Hire dedicated Reactjs developers from NNT Digital's pool of vetted professionals who follow only the best development practices to build interactive, dynamic, feature-rich frontend applications cost effectively.

Expertise of our Reactjs developers in catering these services

Leverage our team's extensive React expertise to build dynamic applications faster and more efficiently. Our developers are skilled in React best practices to deliver robust, scalable solutions optimized for performance and intuitive UX. Augment your capabilities with proven specialists offering years of React experience.

App Migration to React

Migrating your app to React allows our experts to revamp your UI for maximum interactivity and engagement. We smoothly transition legacy apps to React, optimizing performance with faster rendering and response times. Our developers skillfully integrate new features and deliver an enhanced user experience. Hire Reactjs developers on-demand to bring your app up to date with React's capabilities for efficient, dynamic interfaces. Our proven migration process coupled with React's strengths will reinvigorate your app.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Faster rendering
  • Improved responsiveness
  • New capabilities
  • Better UX
  • Easier maintenance

ReactJS plugin development

Hire a full time Reactjs developers from NNT Digital expert at building custom plugins tailored to your specific business goals. We tap into React's adaptable architecture to rapidly develop plugins that seamlessly integrate with your tech stack. Whether you need to add a payment portal, integrate with other systems, or enable new features, our experts leverage React to deliver. We follow best practices to ensure your plugins are scalable, efficient, and resilient.


  • Shortened development time
  • Seamless integration
  • Increased reusability
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Scalability

PWA Development

We develop progressive web apps using React for smooth, engaging experiences across all devices. Hire Reactjs developer India who leverage React's strengths to optimize performance, enable offline use, and provide app-like access. The result is fast-loading web apps that feel like native apps. With our React PWA development skills, we craft intuitive UIs and implement features that get users hooked. In addition, our expertise in React PWAs to boost engagement and satisfaction through reliable cross-device experiences.


  • Reliable performance
  • Engaging UX
  • Quick loading
  • Offline access
  • Easy installation
  • Cross-device delivery

React Web app development

Hire dedicated Reactjs programmers India who create fast, interactive experiences your users will love. They build web apps optimized for speed, security, scalability, and intuitive UX to drive engagement and conversion. Our React expertise produces robust web apps that render quickly, work across devices, and capture user attention. Whether you need complex enterprise apps or lightweight marketing sites, our React developers deliver.


  • Intuitive UX
  • Fast performance
  • Reliable security
  • Scalability
  • Engaging features
  • Multi-device accessibility

React.js Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated React support and maintenance keeps your app running smoothly. We provide ongoing monitoring and upkeep to prevent issues and ensure optimal performance. Our experts fix bugs quickly, optimize speed and responsiveness, implement new capabilities, and regularly apply framework updates. Hire best Reactjs developers from us and focus on your business goals while we handle the technical side. Our proactive approach maintains stability, heads off problems, and keeps your React app current. Trust our team for comprehensive support and maintenance.


  • Quick issue resolution
  • Continuous optimization
  • Regular updates
  • Added capabilities
  • Performance monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance

Team augmentation with react experts

Augment your team with our skilled Reactjs developers to elevate your development capabilities. Our specialists have proven experience building, optimizing, and supporting React apps. They seamlessly integrate with your developers, lending their React skills however you need them. Bringing our experts into your team allows you to take on more ambitious React projects, meet tighter deadlines, and produce higher quality results. With the right React knowledge and skills injected into your team, you can boost velocity and ship better products faster. Let our augmentation services expand your React expertise.


  • Scaled React skills
  • Improved velocity
  • Timely delivery
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Cost efficiency
  • Reliable quality

Hire the best Reactjs development team adhering to top-notch industry standards

Hire the best ReactJS developers team leveraging leading-edge technologies and techniques to architect, code, and deliver premier solutions that drive performance, adoption and results.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Check Square

Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

Technology Stack









React Router

React Hooks




Tools & Utilities





Material UI

Ant Design







Flexible engagement model to accelerate development

Hire the best ReactJS resources through customized engagement models designed to meet your team’s unique needs, project scope, and budgets.

Dedicated team model

Our dedicated ReactJS experts become an extension of your in-house development team. We assign developers exclusively to your projects long-term, providing complete focus and priority on advancing your initiatives without distraction. Ideal for large-scale, complex undertakings that require multiple specialized React resources.

Time and material model

Pay only for the effort expended based on pre-agreed hourly rates, up to a defined maximum budget. This offers flexibility to ramp developer time up or down as needs fluctuate. Perfect for short-term projects that require React skills, with no long-term commitments. The defined budget provides cost control.

ODC model

Our onshore development centers provide access to React developers on a monthly basis. Cost-effective for mid-term initiatives of 3-9 months that require dedicated React bandwidth. Resources work exclusively for you during engagement while benefiting from ODC infrastructure, tools, and processes. Scalable as project needs evolve.

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How to hire React.js Developers through NNT Digital

Share the Job Description

Share the Job Description

Provide NNT Digital with a detailed job description and requirements for the ReactJS role you need to fill. This will help match qualified candidates.

Matchmake and Review

Matchmake and Review

NNT Digital will matchmake candidates based on your requirements and provide profiles of shortlisted developers for your review.

Shortlist & Interview

Shortlist & Interview

Select the best profiles from NNT Digital's shortlist and interview them to evaluate skills, experience and fit.

Onboard & Manage

Onboard & Manage

Once you select the ideal candidate, NNT Digital will handle the hiring and onboarding process. We'll also provide ongoing management support.

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Why Hire React.js Developers From Us?

We are more than a skilled dedicated Reactjs developers provider! You get more than what you invest from NNT Digital. Explore few promising reasons we are a good fit you need to succeed.

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Flexible Engagement Models

We understand that every project is unique, so hiring our dedicated iOS developers offers diverse engagement models to align with objectives, ensuring agility and cost-effectiveness.

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100% Source Code Authorization

Your intellectual property will remain yours as our iOS developers complete source code authorization, ensuring you retain full ownership and control of your project at all stages.

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Premium Code Quality with Accuracy

Hire dedicated app developers in India to pride themselves on writing clear, efficient, and robust code since we are committed to excellence in providing premium code quality.

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Skilled and experienced Mobile App development team

Harness the potential of our seasoned iOS developers, who bring unmatched expertise with a proven track record of delivering successful iOS projects.

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Adherence to the project timeline

Hire our dedicated iOS programmers who respect your time by committing to punctuality, ensuring that milestones are met consistently and delivering project tasks on time.

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Excellent communication skills

Effective communication is key to any project's success. Our iOS developers give you an edge by being more than just technically proficient; they convey ideas, updates, and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions on React.js Developers for Hire

At NNT Digital, we transcend the ordinary with our exceptional approach to software development. What truly distinguishes us is our team of software experts who fuse their technical prowess with a deep.

  • Consult with our technical experts to assess your project needs and determine the right team size and skillsets.
  • We will source qualified candidates from our global talent network and conduct rigorous technical screening.
  • You will interview shortlisted developers and review code samples to ensure alignment with your requirements.
  • We will handle negotiation, contracts, onboarding and project management to quickly ramp up the team.
  • Our project managers will facilitate collaboration and transparency through ongoing communication via daily standups, activity logs and video calls.
  • Our dedicated React specialists will partner with you to deliver a high-performing application, leveraging React best practices.
  • Even after launch, we provide maintenance and support to enhance functionality and quickly address bugs.

Yes, you can hire React developers for hourly or project-based work. Hourly is better for ongoing needs, while project-based suits defined scopes. Ensure requirements, timelines and payments are contractually outlined.

React developer rates average $75-$100+/hour. Dedicated, full-time salaries range $80k-$130k+. Carefully consider your needs to strike a balance between quality and cost. Timezone needs also impact costs. And yes, the developer you hire will only work dedicatedly for you. You will have complete control over him. Also, he will work as per your timezone preferences.

When you work with NNT Digital and hire our best Reactjs developers from them, you get numerous options to communicate with your resource. You can have communicate via phone, email, instant messaging platforms like Slack or any other. You can also have video conferencing to give a better explanation of your project requirement. Ensure your communication modes align with the developers.

Yes! Your project security is our priority. We sign an NDA to protect your proprietary information and project details. Legal review is recommended.

Yes, we do provide maintenance and support services to ensure your product’s success. You can get hourly support, retainer agreements, and managed services.

You should hire dedicated Reactjs programmers from an agency because from agency you get skilled Reactjs developers, consistency, accountability, and project management that every freelancers lack. Which means, relying on freelancers can lead to a project failure. Where as working with agency ensures your project’s success through specialized expertise and end to end support.

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