Streamline Your Development and Operations with Our DevOps Services

Discover the true synergy of cross-functional teamwork through our DevOps service suite. Boost efficiency, enhance communication, and achieve rapid innovation.

Empowering Businesses with DevOps as a Managed Service

Experience the power of AgileOps, where our managed DevOps services transform businesses. Bridge the gap between development and operations, ensuring rapid innovation, enhanced collaboration, and consistent, reliable deployments.

Assessment and Planning

Our experts conduct comprehensive assessments to tailor DevOps strategies that fit your unique requirements. We meticulously plan each step to ensure a successful implementation.

DevOps Implementation Services

Witness a seamless transition as our team implements cutting-edge DevOps practices within your organization. Experience enhanced collaboration, reduced development cycles, and accelerated time-to-market.

End-to-End DevOps CI/CD Services

From initial code integration to final deployment, we orchestrate a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that automates your software delivery process. Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to efficient, reliable releases.

Stringent Security Protocols

Security is at the core of our DevOps approach. We integrate stringent security protocols throughout your pipeline, safeguarding your applications and data from vulnerabilities and threats.

Infrastructure Automation

Our infrastructure automation services empower you to provision resources quickly, scale effortlessly, and optimize costs. Embrace a resilient, automated infrastructure that supports your software delivery goals.

Security Integration

We seamlessly embed security measures into every layer of your DevOps process. Protect your applications and sensitive data with continuous security integration, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.

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Unleashing the Power of DevOps

Streamline your development and operations, achieve faster releases, improved collaboration, and heightened quality assurance. From reduced time-to-market to enhanced customer satisfaction, explore how DevOps can revolutionize your software delivery process and drive your business to new heights of success.

Faster & Better Product Delivery

Experience an accelerated pace of product delivery that sets your business apart. DevOps solutions not only quicken your processes but also enhance the quality of your products, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

More Stable Operating Environments

Elevate your operational stability with DevOps. Witness more reliable operating environments that minimize disruptions and provide a solid foundation for your applications to thrive.

Greater Scalability & Availability

Scale without limits. DevOps empowers your business with greater scalability and availability, allowing you to seamlessly expand your offerings as demand grows, all while maintaining exceptional performance.

Greater Automation

DevOps Automation at its finest. Embrace the future of operations with greater automation. DevOps allows you to streamline repetitive tasks, optimize resource usage, and focus on innovation, all while maintaining high standards of efficiency and accuracy.

The DevOps Pathway: Phases We Take for Optimal Development

Explore our meticulously crafted stages that guide the development process, from initial code to seamless deployment. With a focus on collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement, our methodology ensures efficient, high-quality results that drive your projects toward success.



In this crucial phase, we work closely with you to define the scope, objectives, and requirements of your project. We gather insights into your goals, target audience, and desired outcomes. Clear communication at this stage sets the foundation for a successful project, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned on the project's direction.



Building upon the defined objectives, our design phase involves creating a detailed plan for your project. Our experts develop architecture, workflows, and user experience designs that align with your goals. The design phase lays out the blueprint for the development and deployment stages, ensuring a clear path forward.



With the design in place, our development phase kicks into action. Our skilled developers write code, build features, and integrate functionalities based on the design specifications. Continuous integration and testing ensure that code is reviewed and refined iteratively, resulting in a robust and high-quality software foundation.



As the development phase progresses, we transition into the delivery phase. Here, our DevOps practices shine. We automate deployment pipelines, ensuring that code changes are efficiently and reliably moved from development to production environments. Rigorous testing, monitoring, and quality assurance guarantee that the final product meets your expectations and is ready for launch.

Flexible Engagement Models Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're looking for short-term support or long-term collaboration, we offer engagement options that align with your goals. From dedicated teams to project-based arrangements, our models ensure seamless integration and value-driven outcomes. Explore our engagement options and choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Dedicated team model

Experience the power of dedicated DevOps service providers working exclusively on your project. With specialized skills aligned to your needs, this model ensures focused attention, seamless collaboration, and optimal results.

Hybrid engagement

Our hybrid model blends the advantages of in-house and remote teams. Benefit from flexibility, expertise, and cost-efficiency as we combine on-site and off-site resources for a perfectly balanced solution.

Fixed cost model

When certainty is paramount, our fixed cost and time model guarantees adherence to predetermined budgets and timelines. Enjoy peace of mind as we deliver on promises, meeting project milestones and objectives .

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Versatility in Action: Expertise Spanning Various Business Domains

From healthcare to finance, technology to manufacturing, our DevOps development team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across diverse business domains. Explore how our versatile expertise translates seamlessly into various industries, ensuring tailored solutions that address unique challenges. With a deep understanding of different sectors, we stand ready to elevate your project, no matter the industry landscape.

Navigating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Navigating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Revolutionize patient care and operations with our DevOps solutions tailored to the healthcare sector. We ensure secure, compliant, and efficient digital transformation.

  • Enhance data security and patient privacy.
  • Optimize electronic health record (EHR) systems for seamless access.
  • Streamline communication between medical teams for faster response.
  • Accelerate development of telemedicine platforms.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA.
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Pioneering Efficiency in Logistics Management

Pioneering Efficiency in Logistics Management

From supply chain optimization to real-time tracking, our DevOps strategies reshape logistics management. Embrace automation and innovation for smoother operations.

  • Implement end-to-end visibility across supply chains.
  • Enhance predictive analytics for demand forecasting.
  • Optimize route planning for cost-effective shipping.
  • Develop real-time tracking solutions for shipments.
  • Improve inventory management through data-driven insights.
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Powering Financial Innovation with DevOps

Powering Financial Innovation with DevOps

Embrace the fintech revolution with our DevOps expertise. Elevate security, speed, and reliability as you navigate the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

  • Ensure robust security for financial transactions.
  • Develop and deploy digital banking platforms.
  • Accelerate development of trading and investment apps.
  • Seamlessly integrate payment gateways and e-wallets.
  • Facilitate compliance with stringent financial regulations.
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Reshaping Retail Experiences Through DevOps

Reshaping Retail Experiences Through DevOps

Transform retail operations and customer experiences with our DevOps solutions. Leverage automation and data insights to drive growth and customer loyalty.

  • Launch and update e-commerce platforms seamlessly.
  • Enhance inventory management for real-time tracking.
  • Develop personalized shopping experiences using AI.
  • Implement omnichannel strategies for seamless interactions.
  • Optimize point-of-sale systems for faster transactions.
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Innovating Manufacturing Processes with DevOps

Innovating Manufacturing Processes with DevOps

Revolutionize the manufacturing sector with our DevOps methodologies. Achieve operational excellence, reduce downtime, and accelerate production cycles.

  • Implement IoT-enabled predictive maintenance.
  • Streamline communication between design and production teams.
  • Optimize supply chain and inventory management.
  • Develop digital twins for process simulation and improvement.
  • Enhance product quality through data-driven insights.
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Transforming Energy Operations with DevOps

Transforming Energy Operations with DevOps

Navigate the complexities of the oil and gas industry with our DevOps expertise. Drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability through modern software practices.

  • Implement predictive maintenance for equipment.
  • Enhance safety through real-time monitoring solutions.
  • Optimize resource exploration and extraction processes.
  • Develop remote monitoring solutions for offshore operations.
  • Improve compliance management through automation.
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Discovering NNT Digital's Uniqueness

At NNT Digital, we pride ourselves on standing out in a crowd. Discover the exceptional attributes that distinguish us from the rest. From our innovative approach to our unwavering commitment to client success, explore what truly sets NNT Digital apart in the world of technological emergence.

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Business-Minded Software Experts

We merge technical prowess with a strategic business mindset, ensuring that our DevOps solutions align with your goals and drive your success.

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Scalability through Technology

Harness the power of scalable technologies tailored to your needs, empowering your growth journey.

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Elevated Software Quality

Expect nothing but top-notch software products as we prioritize quality, performance, and user experience.

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Dedicated Delivery Management

A dedicated delivery manager oversees every step, guaranteeing seamless execution and successful outcomes.

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Trusted Tech Partnership

We're more than DevOps service providers; we're your trusted tech partner invested in your triumphs.

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Direct Dev Team Access

Connect directly with our Dev team through Slack, enabling real-time communication for swift problem-solving.

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Common Questions About Devops Services

Embrace innovation and efficiency with our DevOps services. Take the first step towards optimizing your software delivery. Contact us now for a consultation.

DevOps is a set of practices, cultural philosophies, and tools that aim to automate and integrate the processes of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). The goal of DevOps is to create a culture of collaboration and communication between development teams and operations teams, breaking down traditional silos and enabling faster, more reliable software delivery.

Azure DevOps is a set of tools by Microsoft that help teams make software better and faster. It helps with planning, coding, testing, and delivering software, making the whole process easier and more efficient.

To start your DevOps transformation journey, begin by assessing your current processes, educating your team about DevOps concepts, setting clear goals, and gradually implementing automation, collaboration, and DevOps tools. Remember, it's a step-by-step process that involves both cultural and technical changes.

DevOps success hinges on a combination of factors working in harmony. Clear communication and collaboration between development and operations teams foster alignment, while embracing cultural shifts towards shared responsibility and continuous learning is paramount. Effective automation streamlines processes, reducing errors and speeding up deliveries. The choice of suitable tools further amplifies efficiency. Ultimately, the interplay of these factors determines the achievement of DevOps success.

At NNT DIGITAL, we provide an array of services that go beyond DevOps addressing a variety of requirements. Our service portfolio includes custom software development, cloud solutions, IT consultation, cybersecurity measures, data analysis, mobile application development, web design services and much more. With our range of offerings we are dedicated, to empowering businesses across sectors by providing them with innovative and customized solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Implementing DevOps offers advantages to your software development and operations processes. It speeds up software delivery, through integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) resulting in time to market. It promotes communication and collaboration, among teams leading to errors and faster issue resolution. Automation simplifies repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency and maintaining consistency. DevOps cultivates a culture of improvement fostering innovation and adaptability. Moreover it strengthens security by monitoring and promptly identifying vulnerabilities. Overall DevOps improves software quality reduces expenses and empowers organizations to better meet customer demands.

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