Hire backend developers

Hire the best backend developers from us and let them handle the complex stuff - seamless API integrations, high-performance database queries, and ultra-responsive server logic. Forget limitations - with our skilled backend develompent team proficient in Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java and more, we rapidly deliver dynamic web apps that exceed your expectations.

Hire back end developers from us for these services

Leveraging hands-on expertise with the latest languages, frameworks, and tools, our seasoned backend developers craft robust backend systems designed for scalability, security, and optimized performance.

Database Programming

By leveraging our skilled back-end developers, you gain resources intimately familiar with SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, MongoDB and more. They will expertly construct optimized data models and write complex queries and procedures to empower your applications.

Server Scripting

Our back-end team efficiently builds fast, secure server-side logic using languages like Python, Ruby, Java and frameworks like Django, Rails, Spring. Hire the best back end development team as they create robust server-side systems scaled for your workload and integrate them seamlessly with your tech stack.

API Programming and Integration

Hire our best back-end developers to quickly develop well-documented REST and GraphQL APIs that seamlessly interconnect your application frontends, databases, and third-party services. Our experts ensure rapid iteration and implementation.

Cloud Back-end Development

Our developers are well-versed in designing highly scalable cloud-based backends on platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Hire dedicated backend developers from NNT Digital as they leverage managed services to optimize performance and costs while ensuring reliability of your digital product.


HIre back-end developers on demand from us to capably set up and harness Backend-as-a-Service platforms like Firebase to accelerate development with minimal overhead. They handle authentication, databases, storage, messaging and more.

Application Re-engineering

Our dedicated back-end developers can methodically refactor, redesign and rebuild your legacy applications using modern languages and frameworks for improved performance and scalability. They revitalize apps with minimal disruption.

Technical expertise our backend developers master at

Our developers hold advanced expertise across today's most sought-after tech stacks. We stay ahead of the latest languages and frameworks to build robust backend and help you keep ahead of the curve.







Amazon DynamoDB

SQL Server/Microsoft





Ruby on Rails







PM Tools






Azure DevOps

Hubstaff tasks

HIre best back end developers from NNT Digital in 4 easy steps

Share the Job Description

Share the Job Description

Provide details on required skills, experience level, responsibilities and project goals so we can identify a good match.

Matchmake and review

Matchmake and review

We suggest qualified, pre-screened candidates based on your requirement from our network and help filter to best fits.

Shortlist & Interview

Shortlist & Interview

We arrange interviews with backend developers you shortlist and coordinate the hiring process efficiently.

Onboard & Manage

Onboard & Manage

Once you hire backend developer, we handle onboarding, operations, and ongoing talent management to ensure a smooth integration of the developer into your team.

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Why Hire Back-end Developers From Us?

Hire back end developers from us to get more in less. You work with a company that offers more than just a software development service. See what you get more that you deserve but don't get in real.

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Customizable Partnership Models

We offer dedicated team, project-based, and part-time collaborations. Choose the best fit for your needs and scale up or down as needs evolve.

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Complete Source Code Ownership

Gain full IP rights and authorization over all source code produced. We transfer ownership and control to you.

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Defect-Free Code

Our stringent code reviews, testing, and QA procedures ensure the backend code we deliver meets quality benchmarks with minimal defects.

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Senior-Level Talent

Our backend developers have 5-10+ years of hands-on experience architecting complex systems with the latest stacks.

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On-Time Delivery

Iterative processes and project management ensures timely delivery according to project timelines, scope and budget.

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Transparent Collaboration

Expect total visibility into each phase through daily standups, sprint reviews, project roadmaps, and constant communication.

Frequently Asked Questions on Backend Developers for Hire

At NNT Digital, we transcend the ordinary with our exceptional approach to software development. What truly distinguishes us is our team of software experts who fuse their technical prowess with a deep.

The back-end developers at NNT Digital have skills in languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and .NET. They are proficient in frameworks like Spring, Django, Rails, Laravel, and .NET Core. They have expertise in databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and DynamoDB. They are also skilled in REST APIs, microservices, containerization with Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, messaging queues, caching, and cloud platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure.

To hire back-end developers from NNT Digital, you can contact their sales team and provide your requirements. They will understand your needs, suggest the right profiles, and share CVs of shortlisted candidates. You can interview and assess the developers before finalizing your pick. The entire hiring process is streamlined and can be completed within 2-3 weeks.

NNT Digital offers multiple hiring models to hire dedicated backend developers India - full-time permanent hires, dedicated developer teams, extended teams, and fixed-term project-based hires. You can choose the model that best suits your requirements, scale up or down flexibly. They also offer flexible engagement models like part-time hiring.

The cost to hire back-end developers from NNT Digital starts at around $25 per hour for talented mid-level developers. This can go up to $45 per hour for highly experienced senior talent. The exact billing depends on the developer's skills, experience level, engagement model and duration of the project. Their rates are very competitive compared to US and European developers.

There are many benefits of hiring dedicated back-end developers from NNT Digital:

  • Get access to their pool of thoroughly vetted and highly skilled developers
  • The hiring and onboarding is much faster compared to hiring locally
  • You save significantly on developer costs and get better ROI
  • They provide flexible hiring models for your changing needs
  • Their developers are adept at communication and collaboration
  • You can scale your team up or down as per your requirements
  • 24x7 support and project management by NNT Digital

In summary, NNT Digital has a strong talent pool and robust processes to provide you the right backend engineering talent quickly and cost-effectively. The managed services ensure smooth onboarding and maximum productivity.

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