Web Application Experience

Our dedicated Angular developers blend innovation with functionality, crafting seamless digital web solutions. They help your web projects achieve a synthesis of performance, drive user-centric design, and leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Hire Skilled Angular Developers Provide Top-Notch Services To Drive Your Business

Dive deep into the diverse range of Angular services our skilled developers offer. From crafting dynamic single-page applications to complex enterprise solutions, our team ensures a blend of innovation, efficiency, and scalability, tailoring each project to your unique business needs.

Angular Upgrade Service

Ensure your applications stay updated and benefit from the latest features as our dedicated Angular programmers seamlessly upgrade to newer versions for enhanced performance and security.

Angular Ecommerce Portal Development

Dive into a rich shopping experience with our Angular Ecommerce solutions that boast dynamic, responsive, user-friendly platforms to drive sales and customer engagement.

Custom Angular Plugin Development

Boost your application's capabilities with custom plugins, as our on-demand Angular developers can create Angular plugins that integrate smoothly to address specific business needs.

AJAX Development

Hire Angular developers in India who can create faster, more responsive web applications and are adept at AJAX development to ensure real-time updates that enhance user experience.

Material Design Integrations

Integrate Google's Material Design for a modern and intuitive UI/UX to ensure your web applications remain functional and visually appealing while adhering to design guidelines.

App Migration Engineers

Our dedicated Angular developers possess expertise in seamless transitioning between platforms or Angular versions without a hitch while providing data integrity and minimal downtime.

AngularJS Developers For SPAs

Craft efficient single-page applications that load swiftly and offer dynamic interactions as our AngularJS developers excel in creating SPAs that provide an app-like experience.

Get the Experience on Your Side When You Hire Full-Time Dedicated Developers with NNT Digital

Our dedicated Angular programmers from India bring the expertise of blending innovation and best industry practices. Our technical prowess and expertise guarantee solutions that align with global standards for comprehensive results.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

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Adhere to HTML and CSS standards to ensure a consistent and well-structured markup.

The Technology Expertise That Our Angular Developers Bring

Embracing many technologies, our Angular development team ensures robust, future-ready applications, as our tech stack is a testament to the commitment to providing excellence for businesses.











Prime NG

AngularJS Material


AngularJS Google Maps






Offering a Variety of Engagement Models as You Hire Angular Developer

Explore various engagement options tailored to align with your project requirements, ensuring synchronization with your set timelines and financial constraints. At NNT Digital, we prioritize flexibility, ensuring a collaboration model that fits your unique needs perfectly.

Dedicated team model

Providing your business with a fixed team working relentlessly on your Angular projects, ensuring consistency.

Time and Material Model

Offering flexible billing based on the work done is a suitable solution for businesses with evolving requirements.

ODC Model

The Offshore Development Centre for Angular development ensures cost savings without quality compromise.

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A Proven Angular Developer Hiring Process with NNT DIGITAL

Share the Job Description

Share the Job Description

Begin your journey by outlining the nuances of your project. Our Angular developers would work with clearly defined requirements. This initial clarity ensures we are on the same page, paving the way for an efficient recruitment process.

Matchmake and Review

Matchmake and Review

Based on the details you provide, our developers sift through our talent pool, where we align our best Angular resources, ensuring they fit your described needs like a glove.

Shortlist & Interview

Shortlist & Interview

This stage is all about precision. We engage directly with potential candidates from our side through interviews and interactions that help assess and ensure you choose the right team.

Onboard & Manage

Onboard & Manage

Once you've found your ideal match, we seamlessly integrate our dedicated Angular developers into your existing team, allowing immediate immersion where you commence the project with added capabilities.

Ready to Transform Your Dream into Digital Success

Empower Your Idea's Journey: Arrange Your Free Expert Session to Visualize Its Transformation.

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Why Hire Angular Developers With NNT Digital

With NNT Digital, you're not just hiring dedicated Angular developers, but also leveraging a partnership for success with a team of trusted experts.

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Flexible Engagement Models

NNT Digital offers embracing adaptability with flexible engagement models tailored to various Angular projects designed to provide the agility to scale up or down as needed.

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100% Source Code Authorization

We prioritize your intellectual property, so hiring dedicated Angular developers from us ensures 100% source code authorization.

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Premium Code Quality with Accuracy

Our skilled Angular developers commit to delivering premium code which is functional, precise, optimized, and free from redundancies.

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Skilled and experienced Mobile App development team

Dive into a sea of expertise when you hire dedicated Angular developers with a rich blend of experience and skill that syncs with the latest Angular trends.

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Adherence to the project timeline

Our dedicated Angular developers ensure rigorous adherence to the project timeline, ensuring prompt deployment without compromising quality.

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Excellent communication skills

At NNT Digital, we thrive on effective collaboration where professionals prioritize open communication channels, ensuring that project detail is shared transparently.

Frequently Asked Questions on Angular Developers for Hire

At NNT Digital, we transcend the ordinary with our exceptional approach to software development. What truly distinguishes us is our team of software experts who fuse their technical prowess with a deep.

If you are looking to hire a skilled Angular developer or a team from NNT Digital, you would typically follow these steps

  • Begin with sharing clearly defined requirements
  • We'll match and review candidates that best fit your needs
  • Next, we will shortlist and interview the most suitable candidates.
  • Once selected, you can onboard and integrate the developer or team into your project.

Yes, hiring Angular developers on hourly and project-based engagements is possible. At NNT Digital, we offer flexible engagement models to suit your specific requirements, whether for short-term or long-term projects.

Hiring an Angular Developer from NNT Digital typically costs between $15 to $50 per hour. When you engage with our developers, you're not just securing technical expertise; you're also ensuring dedicated commitment. Our Angular developers are allocated exclusively to your project, ensuring undivided attention to your requirements.

Also, we prioritize seamless collaboration, which means our developers can adjust their schedules to work in alignment with your preferred time zone. This ensures real-time communication and prompt responses to your queries and feedback

Our hired Angular developers are proficient in a range of communication tools. You can connect with them through emails, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other preferred communication platform that suits your business.

Definitely! We understand the importance of confidentiality and are more than willing to sign an NDA to ensure your project details and intellectual property remain secure.

Ofcourse, NNT Digital provides continuous maintenance and support services post-deployment. Our commitment doesn’t end with development as we stand by our clients to ensure smooth functioning and regular updates for our solutions.

Hiring dedicated Angular programmers from NNT Digital ensures quality and reliability, as we stand amongst the trusted technology partners. With a broad array of skilled Angular developers, we ensure structured communication and superior project management that blends with accountability. Unlike individual freelancers, we ensure scalability and backup resources to maintain project continuity during unexpected challenges.

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