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About the Project









NNT Digital was recently approached to create Doha gossip, an event planning and booking app for citizens residing in Doha. This app connects users with a vibrant array of experiences for quick and easy event discovery and booking.

What Does Doha gossip Offer?

With Doha gossip, users based in Doha can tap into the following:

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Discover Events with Ease

Explore a curated selection of events catering to their diverse interests, from music concerts to art shows and cultural events.

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Book Your Spot for the Event

Book and pay for events seamlessly within the app.

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Go Paperless with Digital Tickets

Once booked, users can conveniently access digital tickets (QR-based) on mobile devices. The same can be redeemed for physical passes or bands at the venue.

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Stay Informed

Providing all the necessary essential event details to help attendees stay informed about everything related to the booked event.

About the Client

Our client is a leading entertainment provider and event management organization in Qatar. Renowned across the Middle East, they have curated many unforgettable events and parties, setting stages in various cities with unmatched expertise.

Client Requirments for the Event Booking Application

With a dedication to bringing exceptional event experiences to life, our client stands as a premier choice for entertainment and event management in Qatar.

They needed an app that helps forge deeper connections with their audience through technology.

Understanding the End-Goal

Creating a state-of-the-art event management app transforms how citizens discover, book, and enjoy events in Qatar.

For this, they had the following vision in mind:

Driving Engagement for Customer Loyalty

The application keeps users interested and engaged, turning every interaction into an opportunity. This creates a sense of community and belonging, which turns into loyalty.

Provide a Seamless Booking Experience

Help event enthusiasts easily book tickets, like paper-based passes, without worrying about keeping them physically safe.

Efficiency in Sales and Marketing

Local businesses can place advertisements on this application for a better return on investment with targeted ad spend.

Expanding the Reach and Tapping in New Opportunities

The application allows our client to explore a new event-goer demographic, expanding their reach and uncovering fresh revenue streams.

Solutions Offered To Attain the Vision

To match our client’s vision, we combined a comprehensive suite of features in an event booking and management application.

Here's how we addressed their needs with cutting-edge solutions:

Tesspay for Secure Transactions

Integrated Tesspay web app UI for payment processing for a secure, reliable payment method for event tickets.

Mobile Ticketing & SMS Notifications

Users can purchase and share tickets through SMS, notifying non-registered users to join the app and access their tickets.

Admin-User Interaction for Streamlined Event Management

Simplify booking and admin approval for free events, ensuring efficient attendance management from start to finish.

Innovative App Features & Functionalities Crafted for Client Success

Each functionality contributed to streamlining the event discovery and booking process, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Here's how these features redefine the event booking experience:

Managing Multiple Events

A robust interface allows organizers to effortlessly list and manage various events simultaneously.

Real-time Updates

Keep everyone in the loop with in-app instant notifications about event updates/changes.

Ticket Booking via App

In-app booking offers a variety of payment methods for a seamless and secure way to purchase tickets.

Event Creation

Organizers can create and list events directly within the app, opening wider visibility and engagement avenues.

Advanced Event Search Options

Advanced event search options help users discover events based on location, category, dates, etc.

GPS Integration

This GPS-enabled app can guide users to their events with real-time navigation.

Guest Management

Organizers can effectively manage guests, RSVPs, and attendee information, streamlining the organizational aspects of event hosting.

Analytics and Reports

Providing valuable insights to organizers about attendee demographics, event popularity, etc., feeds strategic planning for future events.

The Tech Stack We Used

Here is the technology stack we leveraged to ensure reliability, scalability, and user-centric design.





Type Script


React Native





TypeScript & Node



Cloud and Deployment


AWS for Hosting





Creating Impact
with Results

A blend of sophisticated technology and user-centric design helped our client achieve the following:

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Improved Event Success

The client observed a notable increase in event attendance and engagement since the app enhanced event visibility and appeal.

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Seamless Booking Experience

Users can use the app’s intuitive interface to change how they book for their events, providing a one-stop event solution—from booking to getting directions.

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Enhanced Navigation

The interactive venue maps helped attendees navigate to the event location, minimizing confusion and improving the overall event experience.

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Personalized Recommendations

To drive engagement and stay connected with Doha's happenings, end-users are suggested other such events.

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Efficient Ticketing & Check-In

This application streamlined the processes of getting the ticket, performing a quick scan-based check-in to reduce the wait times and save paper (positively impacting the environment and paper waste).

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Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Attendants can stay informed with timely updates about event schedules and any changes.

Preparing for the Future Updates

Our next phase will offer users even more value as we continue to evolve and refine the app.

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s to come in the next update:

Regional Expansion

Covering events in Dubai, Oman, and
Abu Dhabi to make inroads into new markets.

Exclusive Perks and Rewards

Adding voucher-based discounts for services like gyms, spas, and salons to event-goers promotes loyalty and increases the app's appeal.

Empowering Local Talent

Our clients will tap into the vibrant talent pool in the Middle East by creating opportunities for onboarding talents for events. This includes connecting with artists (musicians, singers, and dancers), backstage staff, technical workforce, etc., which fosters job creation and supports the arts.

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